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UNLIMITED Roadside Assistance
Roadside Assistance
24/7 "sign and go" dispatch service with towing up to 160 km to the destination of your choice or call the provider of your choice for up to $100 reimbursement.

Emergency Road Service

Your plan includes:
  1. Battery Boost
  2. Fuel Delivery
  3. Tire Change
  4. Lock-out Service
  5. Wrecker Towing Service
    and more
Stolen Vehicle Reward
Count on MCA to be there when you need us! MCA protects your vehicle and discourages theft by paying a reward of $5,000.00 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of persons involved in the theft of your vehicle.

The reward is not payable to you, a family member or other members on your MCA membership.
Medical Coverage
Prescription, Vision and Dental Discounts
You and your family receive discounts on all of your Prescription, Vision, and Dental needs. You will receive a membership card allowing you to receive up to a 65% discount on prescriptions, up to a 50% discount on vision, and up to a 50% discount on dental procedures.

This benefit is currently only available to Canadians when using service providers in the United States.

Emergency Reimbursement Benefits
Limiting your out-of-pocket expenses is what MCA does best. When you are injured in a covered accident that requires emergency treatment or hospital admission within 72 hours, MCA’s security membership provides you with $500 cash, paid to you directly, for your attendance at the emergency room.

While OHIP will cover your attendance at the emergency room, MCA will pay you directly $500 for lost wages and/or other miscellaneous expenses.

Daily Hospital Benefit
Should you need to be hospitalized, MCA has you covered with a daily hospital benefit. As an MCA member, you will receive $150.00 per day beginning the first day you are hospitalized as a result of injuries sustained in a covered accident for up to 365 consecutive days for a total of $54,750.00.
Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit (AD&D)

In case of death within 90 days as a result of injuries sustained in a covered accident, your estate will receive $10,000.00.

As a member, you may also enroll, FREE of charge, in one of 3 accident AD&D coverages that best suit your needs:

  1. Up to $50,000.00 for the named member;
  2. Up to $25,000.00 each for the named member and his/her spouse; or
  3. Up to $30,000.00 for the named member; up to $15,000.00 for his/her spouse and $3,500.00 for each child.
  • Up to $1,500.00 per year for qualified daycare of dependent children under the age of 13 (up to 4 consecutive years)
  • Up to $1,500.00 per year for each dependent child enrolled in a qualified institution of higher education or dependent children in the 12th grade level (up to 4 consecutive years)
  • Up to $3,000.00 to retrain surviving spouse to enter the job market

Coverage election form must be completed and returned to home office (3200 W Wilshire Blvd. Oklahoma City, OK 73116) for coverage to take effect.

Coverage provided by Zurich Insurance Company of North America.
Legal Coverage
Arrest Bonds
Your MCA membership card may be used in lieu of cash bail up to $500 when involved in a traffic violation.
Bail Bonds
You can feel absolutely secure knowing MCA will arrange up to a $25,000.00 bond to release you when you are driving a vehicle and charged with a moving traffic law violation such as dangerous driving or negligent driving causing death. Simply call the toll-free number on the back of your membership card.

NOT applicable when charged with a crime; any drug or alcohol‐related matter; driving without a valid license; leaving the scene; past‐due citations; parking or environmental charges; appeals or warrants.
Covered Legal Fees
MCA will pay up to $2000.00 for a lawyer to defend you against charges resulting from driving your covered vehicle:
  1. Up to $200 for covered moving violations;
  2. Up to $500 for covered auto-related personal injury matters; and
  3. Up to $500 for covered vehicle damage issues.
Credit Card Protection
If you are a victim of a lost or stolen credit card, MCA will reimburse you for your financial loss up to $1000. To make sure you are covered, simply call MCA and register your credit cards FREE of charge. Only loss resulting from a registered card will be covered.
Travel Assistance And Wordwide Coverage
Travel Assistance Program
As an MCA member, you are covered WORLDWIDE. When you are more than 160 kilometers away from home and in a medical emergency, our service professionals will work closely with you to provide all the support you need:
  1. Medical Consultation;
  2. Visit to Hospital;
  3. Emergency Evacuation;
  4. Medical Repatriation;
  5. Non-Medical Repatriation;
  6. Return of Child;
  7. Return of Companion; and
  8. Return of Remains.
Travel Reimbursement
When any vehicle you are driving is disabled in an auto accident, MCA will reimburse you up to $500 for a rental car for an accident at home, or up to $500 for lodging, meals, and transportation when more than 80 kilometers away from home.
Trip Planning and Reservations
As a member, MCA offers personalized travel services anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Simply fill out a Travel Information Card or call MCA’s toll free number to receive easy to read, step by step, computerized mapping services FREE of charge. This includes points of interest, resorts, motel and hotel information found along your route. You also have a one-stop reservation service for airline travel, car rental, and hotel discounts.

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MCA Covers Me
Father and Daughter
Unlimited Emergency Road Service
Stolen Vehicle Reward
Emergency Reimbursement Benefits
Hospital Stay Benefit
Accidental Death & Dismemberment
Prescription Drug, Vision Care and Dental Discounts
Legal Services
Arrest & Bail Bonds
Credit Card Protection
Wordwide Travel Assistance Program
Discounts on Hotels & Car Rentals
Planning and Travel Reservations

MCA also offers commercial coverage.